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Ren Tosuta


“Everyone should watch Gundam at least once”

Designer, I love deep, complex stories and orchestral OSTs


Programmer & Game Designer

“Ryukishi07 is my God”

Software engineer, I like to read and watch things.



“Telegram notification are always OFF”

I am the man who was the inspiration for many lifeguard films. Just let me write. 


Artist & Text Adapter

“Balancing life between nature and the world”.

A graduate of art school, I occasionally translate a novel.
Joyful, radiant and exploding, it’s not the sun, it’s me!

Pet Sama


“Better to insta-lock your main champ instead of ALT-F4”

Comic school graduate, I play Valorant most of the time


Music Composer

“What is Discord?”

I can play almost any instrument, I’m a globetrotter and a wanderer but I’m bad at using technology

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