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Welcome to Love and Demons, a strange Isekai Visual Novel parody filled with demons, mysteries, and romance.

Embark on a journey where choices shape the destiny of Max and those around him. Countless paths await, with true resolution often found off the beaten track. Find the means to return home, unravel the enigmatic secrets of the dangerous Realm, and forge deep bonds with various Demon girls, even all of them! Inspired by tabletop RPG systems, your decisions carry weight and Dice Rolls will affect your journey. Immerse yourself in gorgeous pixel art and atmospheric OSTs that bring this world to life.

Can our unlikely "hero" achieve his desired Good Ending and return home unscathed? Will he win the hearts of enchanting ladies or fall into the perils of Bad Endings? The decision is yours!


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Plot and Features

Main Routes

Love and Demons offers multiple main routes for players to explore. Each route presents a unique storyline and challenges, allowing players to experience different perspectives and outcomes.

Interconnected World

The Visual Novel features a branching narrative with multiple choices that directly affect the story and the relationships between you and the other characters. These choices alter the order of events and cause characters to interact with each other in unique ways. 

RPG System

The game incorporates elements of traditional tabletop RPG systems. Players can develop Max's abilities and skills through a stat-based progression system. These stats will affect the outcomes of various challenges and interactions throughout the game.

Dice Rolls

Players can use Dice Rolls to influence the outcomes of certain events, adding an element of chance and strategy to their decision-making process.

Realm Full of Secrets

The Demon Realm is filled with hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. Solve puzzles, and uncover the truth behind the realm's mysteries!

When Prince Max, heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Somewhere, decided to spend an evening with his friends in his favourite tavern, he had no idea that just a few hours later he would be transported into the terrifying Demon Realm.
Even more surprisingly, he would discover the presence of sweet and charming girls among those demons! Armed with courage (though not much), skill (rather mediocre), wisdom (questionable at best), and even the audacity to wear fake horns to pass himself off as a demon (yes, seriously!), will our not-so-heroic protagonist find a way to return home safely?
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What is Love and Demons?

Love and Demons is an upcoming visual novel that follows the story of Max, a human who gets transported to the demon realm and must find a way out. The game incorporates elements of both Dating Sim and RPG.

What platforms will Love and Demons be available on?

The game is planned for release on PC via Steam and Itch.io. We hope to bring it to additional platforms in the future if there is enough interest.

When will Love and Demons be released?

We are currently targeting a 2024 release for the full game. Demo is planned for Winter 2023 to give players a sneak peek.

How can I get involved with the development?

You can engage in the development process by supporting us on Ko-fi. Depending on your chosen reward tier, you can access exclusive development updates, beta access, contribute to shaping the story though surveys and enjoy additional perks.



Demo Release

PC Release


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Love and Demons

Winter 2023


Visual Novel, Adventure


Itch.io / Steam

English / French / Italian

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